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Goldsmith Schiffman Holocaust Papers

Identifier: MC-32
Scope and Contents Personal correspondence (Lichtenstine, Levi, Kahn, Marx, Kretsch, Elbert, Heinz, Ludwig, Meinhard, Moritz, Otto), business correspondence, background files, SHOAH Foundation materials, white papers, oral interviews, news articles, program notes, Holocaust Remembrance materials.

Gravity Probe A Collection

Identifier: MC-15
Scope and Contents Scientific documents, project definition materials, project implementation materials, spacecraft flight materials, flight data analyses, Atomic H Dissociator documents, personal documents, spacecraft data and trajectory tabulations, spacecraft payload drawings, Gravity Probe A data tapes.

Hans Hueter Collection

Identifier: MC-180
Scope and Contents This collection has the following series: Documents, Photographs, Publications, and Artifacts. Series I, Documents, contains memos and other papers. Series II, Photographs, contains both personal and work-related photos. Series III, Publications, contains magazines and newspapers. Series IV, Artifacts, contains personal notebooks and an aviator cap. Material found in this collection relates to the life of Mr. Hueter and the subject of space.

Harrison Brothers Hardware Collection

Identifier: MC-149
Scope and Contents Ledgers, invoices, promotional materials relating to Harrison Brothers Hardware Store.

Harvie P. Jones Architectural Collection

Identifier: MC-10
Scope and Contents 828 books on art, architecture, and local history from the personal collection of Harvie P. Jones, professional correspondence and related papers, newspaper, journal, etc., clippings, magazines and professional journals from the personal collection of Harvie P. Jones, photograph notebooks of architectural preservation and restoration by Harvie P. Jones, construction and preservation catalogs, artifacts, slides and negatives, preliminary architectural drawings and sketches, awards

Heinz-Hermann Koelle Collection

Identifier: MC-73
Content Description The Heinz-Hermann Koelle Collection (.5 linear ft.) includes one archival box which, includes 15 folders. Subjects covered within this collection include the idea of building a lunar base, and the benefits of space exploration for the U.S., and advancements in space vehicles and capabilities. The files also include information on Koelle’s academic career.

Heinz Hilten Collection

Identifier: MC-96
Content Description Architectural drawings, topograpical and survey maps, newspaper clippings, correspondence, materials relating to the Marshall Space Flight Center, pictures, posters, pamphlets, magazines, and obituary of Heinz Hilten.

Heinz Scharnowski Collection

Identifier: MC-106
Scope and Contents German-language documents regarding Scharnowski's education, Siemens Apparate und Maschinen documentation of Scharnowski's career there, a German-language newspaper clipping of Scharnowski's obituary, contracts regarding Scharnowski's employment at Fort Bliss, a Department of the Army Notification of Personnel Action.

Heinz Struck Collection

Identifier: MC-164
Content Description Documents relating to Heinz Struck's career with NASA, SAIC, and BD.

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George C. Marshall Space Flight Center 43
German Americans 26
United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration 26
Project Apollo (U.S.) -- History 21
Saturn Project (U.S.) -- History 19
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Skylab Program 18
Huntsville (Ala.) 16
Saturn launch vehicles 14
Peenemünde (Germany)--History 13
Space Shuttle Program (U.S.) 13
University of Alabama in Huntsville 10
V-2 rocket 10
Local history 9
World War, 1939-1945 9
Operation Paperclip 8
Redstone Arsenal (Ala.) 8
Aerospace engineers 7
German Americans-Alabama-Huntsville 7
Rocket engines 7
Space flight--History 6
Von Braun, Wernher, 1912-1977 6
Space vehicles -- Propulsion systems 5
Artificial satellites in aeronautics 4
Correspondence 4
Lunar Surface Vehicles 4
Redstone missile 4
Rocketry--History 4
Spacelab 4
Aeronautics 3
Alabama--History 3
Army Ballistic Missile Agency 3
Hubble Space Telescope (Spacecraft) 3
Jupiter missile 3
Materials--Effect of space environment on 3
Pershing (Missile) 3
Reduced gravity environments 3
Space flight to the moon 3
Space race 3
Wind tunnels--Testing 3
African Americans--Civil rights--History 2
Alabama--Politics and government 2
Architecture 2
Architecture and history 2
Astrionics 2
Astronautics--Human factors 2
Challenger (Spacecraft)--Accidents 2
College teachers as authors 2
Conservation and restoration 2
Cotton manufacture--Accounting 2
Electrical engineering 2
Engines 2
Explorer 1 (Artificial satellite) 2
Forward, Robert L. 2
History--Societies, etc 2
Interviews 2
Letters 2
Ley, Willy, 1906-1969 2
Nurses 2
Orbital Mechanics 2
Peenemunde Germany- History- Bombardment, 1943 2
Politics 2
Project Mercury (U.S.) 2
Secretaries 2
Solar energy 2
Space Telescopes 2
Space shuttles 2
Spaceflight 2
University women 2
Wind tunnels 2
World War, 1914-1918 2
Academic libraries 1
Acting 1
Actors 1
Aerospace technologists/technicians 1
Alabama Farm Bureau Federation 1
Alabama--History--Civil War, 1861-1865 1
Analog computers 1
Applied physics 1
Architectural design 1
Archives 1
Astro missions (STS) 1
Astronauts 1
Astronomers 1
Astronomy 1
Autobiography 1
Aviation--History 1
Cellists 1
Cemeteries--Alabama 1
Civil War poetry (contemporary) 1
Civil rights demonstrations 1
Civil service 1
Clinometer 1
Coal mines and mining--Electric equipment 1
Cold War 1
College teachers 1
Comets 1
Commercial catalogs 1
Confederate States of America--History 1
Courts-martial and courts of inquiry--United States--Cases 1
Decatur (Ala.) 1
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Lundquist, Charles A. 12
United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration 10
McCanless, Christel Ludewig 4
Belew, Leland F. 2
Coleman, Anne 2
∨ more
Decher, Rudolf 2
Goldsmith, Margaret Anne 2
Schulze, William August 2
Aircraft Engine Historical Society 1
Allen, John 1
Allen, Linda 1
American Association of University Women 1
Bankhead, Tallulah Brockman 1
Barr, Jane 1
Beddingfield, Chad 1
Bell, William Hugh 1
Bennett, Jeff 1
Bensko, John R. 1
Bensko, John, Jr. 1
Betsinger, Don 1
Bilstein, Roger E. 1
Blackmon, James B. 1
Booth, Scott 1
Bowerman, Debbie 1
Bowman, David 1
Bramall, Jane Aden 1
Braun, Julius H. 1
Broussard , Peter Henry , Jr 1
Brown, Richard 1
Burwell 1
Castellano, Donna 1
Chassay, R. 1
Clem, Robert 1
Colley, Clay 1
Colley, Edward 1
Conard, Gertrude 1
Conard, Robert D. 1
Coupland, Katharina Geissler 1
Cramer, Bud (Robert E. Cramer) 1
Cremin, Joseph 1
Dallas Manufacturing Company 1
Dankoff, Walter 1
Dannenberg, Klaus 1
Dannenberg, Konrad 1
David, Charles E. 1
Dempsey, Edward 1
Downey, James 1
Dreger, Alvin 1
Dreger, Patricia 1
Duffy, Andrew Clark 1
Dunaway, William 1
Dunn, Christel 1
Elser, Eva 1
Evers, Frank 1
Forward, Robert L. 1
Frost, Susan 1
Fullerton, Larry W. 1
Garner, Ray 1
Gathany, Bob 1
Geissler, Ernst 1
George, Lance 1
Gerth, Erika Schulze 1
Glenn L. Martin Company 1
Goldsmith, Lawrence 1
Hamm, Jane A. 1
Hammond, Walter 1
Harrison Bros. & Co. 1
Heckman, Richard 1
Heimburg, Karl 1
Heimburg, Ruth 1
Heller, Gerhard B. 1
Hermann, Rudolf 1
Heusinger, Bruno 1
Heusinger, Ralph 1
Higgins, Tim 1
Hilten, Heinz 1
Hinrichs, Holm 1
Historic Huntsville Foundation 1
Hoelzer, Helmut 1
Hoelzer-Beck, Barbara 1
Hogan, Marnie 1
Holderer, Michael O. 1
Holderer, O. C. 1
Horn, Helmut 1
Horn, Leni Maria 1
Howard, Virginia 1
Huber, Nan 1
Huber, William 1
Hueter, Hans 1
Hueter, Uwe 1
Hunt, Robert M. 1
Huntsville Housing Authority 1
Huntsville Public Library 1
Hutchens, Eleanor 1
Jacob, Doroteo 1
Jacob, Ted 1
Jacobi, Walter W. 1
Jayroe, Mary 1
Jayroe, R. R. 1
Jones, Bill 1
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